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How to Use Wood Chips From Your Old Trees

Wood Chips
When you have trees removed from your property, the professionals commonly use a mulching machine or wood chipper to break down the leftover stumps, branches, and limbs. A wood chipper can take large pieces of wood and break them down into small, usable wood chips.
When you have trees removed from your property, most tree services will allow you to choose to either keep the mulch generated from the trees, or have it removed from your property. If you choose to keep the wood chips, there are lots of ways you can use the wood chips around your home.
Protect Your Trees
You can use the mulch from your old trees on the remaining trees in your yard. Mulch from your old trees is some of the best mulch you can put around your existing trees.
Mulch provides the soil with added nutrients, which can improve the overall health of your trees. Additionally, mulch reduces water evaporation from your trees as well as soil erosion. Mulch even helps regulate the temperature of the ground around your trees throughout the year.
To use the mulch around your trees, spread mulch around the base of your remaining trees two to four inches thick. The mulch should extend all the way to the edges of the tree's crown. The crown is how far out the branches extend from the trunk of the tree.
Be sure to leave a couple of inches of space around the trunk of the tree. Mulch too close to the trunk of the tree can lead to insects and fungi infections.
Prevent Weeds From Growing in Your Flower Bed
One of the biggest challenges with creating a visually appealing yard are weeds. Weeds can take over your flower beds and ruin the landscaping you took so much time and effort to plant. Thankfully, you can use wood chips as part of your weed prevent plan in your yard.
Before planting a flower bed, dig out all the weeds by hand - do not simply pull the weeds out, as this can leave behind roots new weeds can sprout from. Then, put down sheets of landscaping fabric to prevent weeds from growing in your flower bed. Cut out openings to go around existing plants.
On top of the landscaping fabric, put down the mulch created by your own trees. The mulch will help keep weeds from growing in your flower beds. The mulch should be around two inches deep. The mulch will degrade over time, so be sure to replenish the mulch in your flower beds over time.  
Help Your Compost Pile
The material from compost piles are great for your garden and landscaping. Natural compost helps add valuable nutrients to the soil, such as nitrogen and carbon, both essential nutrients for plant growth. Natural compost also introduces microorganisms that improve the quality of your soil.
There are two types of materials in a compost pile: green and brown materials. Green material includes things like lawn clippings, vegetable scraps, and manure. Brown material includes things such as wood chips, dry leaves, and sawdust.
Wood chips are a great compost material. Adding wood chips into your compost can add valuable nutrients and can help speed up the decomposition process. Additionally, adding wood chips to your compost pile can help accelerate the breakdown of material in your compost pile, allowing you to more quickly use the material from your compost pile in your garden and landscaping.
Give us a call at Cadieu Tree Experts, Inc. We can remove any dangerous trees on your property and turn the tree stumps and debris into mulch you can use around your yard. 


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